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March 14, 2005
Interview: Modeling, the Gym, and her first song "Damaged"
Inside Gymnastics caught up with Olympic Champ Carly Patterson (pictured at left on the 2004 T.J. Maxx Tour of Gymnastics Champions) at the 2004 American Cup. The two-time Cup winner was on hand to check out the action and take part in some New York City promotional appearances.

Still undecided about her future in the sport, Patterson is weighing her options, making the scene and still enjoying last summer’s golden moment…

INSIDE GYMNASTICS: What’s it like to be back at the American Cup?

CARLY PATTERSON: Umm, it’s pretty cool. I always would rather compete. It’s cool to watch, at first, then after that it gets kind of boring. You wish you were out there. It’s exciting because I get to watch Nastia (Liukin)—and all the girls, but I’m really excited for Nastia.

I’m rooting for everyone but I’m a little partial to Nastia since we go to the same gym.

INSIDE: How do you think Nastia looks right now?

PATTERSON: I think she looks really good. I mean, everybody looks really good. She looks ready.

INSIDE: What’s been going on recently?

PATTERSON: I was in New York for the Red Dress Fashion Show during Fashion Week; that was really cool. I’ve [also] been working with the American Dental Association.

I’m going to be in the next Teen People and I get to meet Jesse McCartney, and I’m really excited about that. I hope we get to talk!

I [did] an all day photo shot for GK [leotards] too.

INSIDE: What was being a Fashion Week model like?

PATTERSON: That was fun but I, um, actually stepped on this one lady’s dress (laughs). We all had to line up behind this thing. And, of course, I’ve never done a runway show before. So, right before [we] walk [out] in a line together, this lady [in front of me] had like this long cape on, and it was all in my way, so I was trying to kick it away with my shoe, but I was actually still stepping on it and I didn’t know it. So, she started walking and it was like, [pulling her] back. I kind of tripped and hopped off it real quick. I felt really stupid. Then I found out that Sheryl Crow tripped and almost fell on her face, so I didn’t feel so bad.

But it was really fun, just getting to be there and wear, like, a cool dress. Being in a fashion show, that was something I definitely never thought I’d do.

INSIDE: What about your budding singing career?

PATTERSON: Well, I finished [recording] my first song and, hopefully, I can get that done and finish my demo so that, hopefully, my [agent] can shop it around for record deals.

[The song] is called, “Damaged,” and it’s kind of about this girl that is trying everything. She’s kind of confused. She’s just trying everything: yoga, self-help books, all those quizzes and stuff like that. And it’s like she can’t find what she wants to do with herself. It’s about feeling damaged and trying to find what you want to do with yourself.

I love it. When I first heard it, I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is so awesome.’ It’s definitely a catchy thing where you can hear it on the radio.

It’s still, like, in the studio but I hope [it will come out] soon. I just need to get my demos finished first, and if I get my record deal, then they’d probably put it out as a single. Hopefully soon.

INSIDE: What was being in a recording studio like for you?

PATTERSON: It was so fun. It’s, like, my new passion now. You can’t get me out of there. [The people I was working with] were telling me, like, ‘We can just say in the studio until three in the morning, just write songs,’ and I’m like, ‘OK, I’m ready.’

It’s just a matter of when I can get to New York and to the studio again.

INSIDE: Maybe there’s duet with Jesse McCartney in your future…

PATTERSON: I know, wouldn’t that be cool? I’d be, like, ‘Yes!’

INSIDE: What about training in the gym?

PattersonPATTERSON (pictured at right last year): I’ve been training in the mornings when I’m home, then I’ll go to school and stuff. I’m actually doing pretty good keeping up on my schoolwork. When I get back I have people that kind of help me with stuff, like if I don’t understand, and it’s going pretty well.

[Training] was good. I was doing all my beam skills on beam, and tumbling, and some bars, and a little bit of vault—that’s coming back slowly. Then I hurt my back.

I got a CAT scan and an MRI and [the doctor] said I had a bulging disc that looks like it might herniate or something. Then I also have an old fracture, but it’s healed. So, he told me to take a couple more weeks off and then we’ll see, so that’s what I’m doing.

INSIDE: Does watching this meet make you want to compete again?

PATTERSON: Yeah. I think it would be cool if I could have been ready to compete again and win a third [American Cup] in a row, but it’s different now anyways, because it’s just event finals. So, it would have been different, but still cool. I’ve always liked competing in this meet.

It was my first, like, coming-out party in ’03, and I always remember that.

INSIDE: Do you see yourself competing at USAs and/or Worlds this year? Is that a possibility?

PATTERSON: It’s a possibility. It just depends. I mean, I definitely have to make up my mind what I want to do, so, I’m just going to see how training feels after my back gets better. I guess then I’ll see what I want to do.

INSIDE: Do you feel like a star now? Do you get recognized on the street?

PATTERSON: Yesterday, coming here, a little girl recognized me on the plane and she waited for me to get off. It was kind of funny.

I get more recognized when my hair is pulled back; like, if I just have it up. If I’m at the mall a lot of people notice me. But, if it’s down, not so many people do. But there are still some people that do notice me when I’m in regular clothes and stuff.

Source: http://insidegymnastics.com/news/article.asp?article=031405


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